High School Filipin@ Graduation of San Diego

Celebrating your Graduation Filipin@ Style...

Not your average Graduation Keynote...

Father, MC & Community Organizer, BAMBU, shared his story, advice & experiences with our 2013 graduates. We will shortly be announcing our 2014 Keynote... Stay tuned! 



This year we have implemented a Refundable $10 application fee for participants.  There are a few ways to pay it.
2852 Main St.
San Diego, CA 92113 

The deposit will be returned the day of FilGrad (June 1), upon participation. For any questions or concerns, please email : hsfilgradsd@gmail.com.

 Thank you & many thanks for making High School FilGrad possible every year. 



Sixth Annual High School Filipin@ Graduation of San Diego

It's hard to believe, but also amazing that we as KAMP are starting to get working on the 6th Annual High School FilGrad.

Every year we create memories and experiences for youth around the county that closes their high school chapter before they go off into new endeavors.

So what does that mean for you?

There's honestly no program without the students in our community.

So the application is linked below, circulate it and get it back to us fully completed by May 11, 2014.

A refundable $10 Deposit is required to process your application. Failure to show up results in forfeit of the application. If you have concerns or any questions please contact us below: hsfilgradsd@gmail.com or tweet us at @kamp_sd and we'll get back to you. 



- Erwin Mendoza

Visiting Schools to Promote YOUR FilGrad!

Would you like the High School FilGrad Committee to go to your high school to talk about what FilGrad is and why and how to participate in it? We would love to visit your high school and meet you all.  We plan to visit a lot of high schools so if you want us to visit your soon to be alma mater first don't hesitate to contact us

Click HERE to send a message that your school wants to be visited. 


Televising the Class of 2011


We are so proud of our graduates.  Brings a little tears to our eyes... or is that allergies? No they're emotional tears.